Manufacturing Processes

A leading producer of high quality gray and ductile iron castings, Aarrowcast, Inc. proudly provides innovative, custom cast metal solutions to customers in a wide array of industries. Located in Shawano, Wisconsin, Aarrowcast is one of the most modern iron foundries of its kind, and is capable of producing more than 50,000 tons of gray and ductile iron castings annually.


Aarrowcast’s team of engineers uses state-of-the-art technology to improve castings and reduce overall costs, and provides design assistance for function and cost efficiencies.


We employ experts in the field of metallurgy who intimately understand the physical and chemical behaviors of iron.


Aarrowcast has a variety of molding line sizes capable of producing small, medium and large castings, including a Georg Fischer impact-molding machine that is the largest green sand molding line in North America.


Our Isocure core making process produces quality cores in sizes as small as ounces to as large as hundreds of pounds.


Aarrowcast’s Melting Department features 6, 9-ton Brown Boveri Coreless Induction Furnaces. This equipment allows for flexibility in converting to customer required metallurgical grades.

Pattern Shop & Tooling Transfers

Our pattern shop works closely with our Manufacturing and Engineering Departments to reduce costs and improve efficiencies of new & existing tooling. Our capabilities include adaptation of tooling from other foundries.

Industries We Serve

Aarrowcast provides 85 million pounds of ductile and gray iron castings annually to more than 100 customers in various industries, including:

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